Artist Profile

Tim Bowman

Renowned, chart-topping guitarist Tim Bowman has a way of making melding smooth jazz, gospel, soul and blues seem effortless as evidenced throughout his more than 30 years in music, including his 2017, seventh studio album, Into the Blue, on I.M. Records / Purpose Jazz. The Detroit native, who grew up playing guitar in church, attended the College of Creative Studies, and served as the musical director for gospel luminaries the Winans before embarking on his solo career in 1987, continues to carve a niche for himself.

“I like the romantic music, the more bluesy styles, the smooth grooves,” Bowman says, “but what I wanted to do on this album is put all of those on one record, have something for everybody.”

Bowman succeeds in his mission and has scored his fifth No.1 single with “City Lights,” Into the Blue’s debut single, a feel good, smooth jazz instrumental that showcases his intricate strumming technique. The set also includes other smooth jazz standouts, “Seaside Drive,” originally released in 2013, and a soulful cover of Charlie Wilson’s Grammy-nominated single “You Are.”